3 Kidneys ??

Things about me

Story time :

Crazy hey? and no this is not click bate.

Since I was a little girl I struggled a lot with bladder infections and my kidneys. For the last 5 years I started getting a lot sicker and started noticing that something was not right. I started going to different doctor to get antibiotics and get myself healed , but still I kept on getting sick and I was permanently on antibiotics which made me sick in other ways . We decided that it couldn’t go on like this forever , so we decided to go to a specialised doctor.

I went to the doctor and he sent me for a bunch of tests but they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and why I got chronicle bladder infection all the time. After about a year they thought they knew what was wrong. They though that I had a blister on my left kidney which caused the bladder infections. They told me that if I could live with it I should because it is unnecessary to operate ,but if it keeps making me sick or it gets worse then they would do further tests.

I left it for about 2 years, but then it started to really bother me and it made me sick all the time. It would get so bad that I couldn’t walk or do anything physical. We then went back to the doctor for more tests. The first test they did was a Cystoscopy and then they did test where they drew moisture out of my kidneys to check  the fluid levels.

They then discovered that I had 3 KIDNEYS ! The 3rd kidney was at its last stage of kidney disease and they had to remove it.  It was a very big operation but at least i have my 2 normal Kidneys now.

I love you guys!



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