10 things I can’t live without !

Things about me

Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a great week!

For todays blog post I thought I would tell you guys all about the things I seriously can’t live without.


Yeah I guess a lot of people can’t live without coffee but I seriously can’t. Since I was little I loved my coffee ( yes I know little children are probably not supposed to actually drink coffee but hey we all have our things). There is no better way than to start a new day with a hot cup of coffee and I mean coffee dates are probably one of the best things on earth!


Yes Im such a family girl. Mamma’s girl , daddy’s girl ex. I love them so much and I would not be able to live without them at all. They are the rocks that keeps me standing and gets me through all the hard times. I honestly think I have the best parents on earth and I couldn’t thank them enough for everything that they do for me !

My phone

Short and sweet. Most people can’t live without their phones to be honest. 


I mean I could probably live without it but it would suck and I wouldn’t want to. Im not a girl who thinks I need make-up to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and no one should have to feel that they need make-up to be beautiful, but I just seriously love trying out new looks and putting on make-up.


Again this is such a girly thing to say, but I AM such a girly girl. I actually don’t like shopping ( weird hey ? seeing as though Im a girl) but no I really don’t. I like getting new clothes and expanding my wardrobe, but shopping ? Haha walking around for hours and having to try everything on makes me so tired , but yes I love dressing up and I love exploring new fashion ideas.


I am a TOTAL foodie. I am that girl that is always scrolling through pinterest just to find some new recipes ( and just to look at food ). I actually love cooking and baking since I find it very calming.


I have been dancing since I was 2 so I’m pretty much addicted to it and whenever I don’t dance for a while I tend to get very down in the dumps. I love my dance studio, teacher and all the girls I dance with so much. I dance everyday of the week and for loads of hours so I’m always with my girls and that seriously makes me so happy.


I was in a normal public school until Gr 9 , but since I dance , sing and  do acting so much school just got a little to much. I started missing a lot of school and it stressed me out so much. So I decided to start homeschooling. I do my homeschooling through Cambridge and I seriously love it. It gives me the freedom to spend more time on the things that I love.

Social media/ The internet

I think this is something that a lot of the people around the world wouldn’t be able to live without. In the past couple of years the social media industry has exploded into this huge new world that everyone loves. according to the site Social Media Today, teenagers spend around 9 hours everyday on social media ( I mean wow! ) I don’t think I’m on it so much but it definitely takes up a lot of time and I would be able to live without the internet because it is the platform where I can connect with you guys! ( and I have to do a lot of school work online too-haha )

The App We heart it

Technically this counts as a form of social media , but I don’t care. I love this app SO SO much. It gives me inspiration , quotes, fashion ideas and it gives me the background pictures of my Instagram quote page Dis.waar , which you guys should totally go check out.

Well there you have it ! My top 10 things i can’t live without.




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