Talsaai- The most amazing place on earth.


We recently had to sell our beloved beach house and this is probably one of the saddest things that has ever happened to me to be honest. Our beach house was located in Heroldsbay, George, South-Africa. It was the perfect holiday home and when I say home I mean it i the way you would say something feels like home. That house made every single person who visited there feel as if they were home.

That place takes up such a big space in my heart and I absolutely loved it to death and I always will. Thinking of someone else living in there breaks my heart and i’m so jealous of them getting  to spend a part of their lives living there.

The first time I visited ‘Talsaai” I was only 5 weeks old and ever since then “Talsaai” became my second home. We spend most December months waking up to the view of a breathtakingly big ocean and struggling to find a single signal. For me that beach house called ” Talsaai” gives me memories of love , laughter , beautiful sunrises over a deep blue ocean and families coming together as one. Oh and lets not forget to thank Lucy our lovely house ghost for always keeping us on the edge of our seats and entertaining us throughout the long holiday months.

But most of all I just want to say thanks to that amazing place for giving me so much memories to hold on to and to take with me into the future that lies ahead.

May we make loads of new memories.


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