My top 3 favourite places in the world.


I live in South-Africa which yes is a beautiful country with all its vibrant and colourful aspects. Our country has one of the seven wonders of the world ( Table mountain-CapeTown) and has our beloved Kruger National Park which is one of our tourism attraction and yes of course one of my favourite places in the world is in my beautiful country but there are a few other ones that I’m also completely involve with.

Cape Town

Cape town would definitely be my first words when someone asks me where my favourite place in the world is. It is absolutely gorgeous with all the colors and unique aspects such as Robin Island where one of our nations best leader Nelson Mandela was in the jail for 27 years. Cape town just has this amazing vibe to it. My favourite coffee shop in Cape town would have to be  Truth Coffee . The student life in Cape Town is mind-blowing and the poeple is always so kind.


I visited Budapest in 2013 and I can honestly say that Budapest has completely won my heart. All the old building has walls that tells so many stories. The architectural designs in Budapest is breathtaking. The food is incredible with all the sorts of stews you can imagine . When I was in Budapest we visited a lot of their museums and as a person who loves history I can definitely say that they are one of the countries who should be mentioned and visited more often.


Since I visited Lesotho for the first time in 2009 I was absolutely hooked. It is a small country in the middle of South Africa but it is indeed its own country. This place is just one of my favourite places to go on holiday. We usually go in winter time when it is snowing there and since it doesn’t snow in South-Africa it is an amazing experience to have. We always stay at the cutest little farm called Wyndford Holiday Farm. That place just gives you such a cozy and warm feeling and serves the most wonderful foods. When we go to Lesotho we usually go to Afriski (one of the best known ski resorts) to go skiing which is so much fun.


There are definitely a billion places that I still want to go visit. These are just my top 3 favourite places that I have visited so far and that has made a great impression on me.

Hope you enjoyed

Love Carmen




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